Tungsten Quick Reference

Tungsten haven been the workhorse of the industry for over a century.

While LED fixtures are becoming popular, tungsten lights are going to be around for a long time to come due to their simplicity and ease of use.


Arri 150 Fresnel

Arri 150

The Arri 150 Fresnel is the smallest arri tungsten light you can get.

Due to its small size, it is easy to hide and is typically use to highlight something.

Arri 300 Fresnel

Arri 300 Fresnel

The Arri 300 Fresnel provides more punch than the 150, but is not as compact.

Arri 650 Fresnel

Arri 650 Fresnel

The Arri 650 Fresnel is the last member of what can be termed the portable light kit.  At 650W, it provides a nice punch for indoor situations.

For the longest time, a combination of 150, 300 & 650 to provide was used for on-location interview and ARRI sells kits with 4 or 5 lights in a case as a portable setup.  These days, LED 1×1 panels fulfill this niche.

Arri 1000 / T1

Arri 1000 Fresnel

The ARRI 1000 (now discontinued) and its replacement, the T1 are larger lights often used in studio environments.

There are 2 variants, the regular light and the studio light.  The main difference is that the studio variant has a slightly larger diameter lens and provides a softer source.

Arri 2000 / T2

Arri 2000 Fresnel

The Arri 2000 Fresnel or the T2 (current model) is the larger sibling to the 1000 and uses 2000W globes.

Just like the T1, it comes in 2 variety: regular and studio.

Arrilite 1000/2000

Arrilite 2000 Open Face

The Arrilite 1000 and 2000 lights are open face lights, where the is no lens in front of the globe.

They usually are shot through some kind of diffusion to soften the harsh light.



200W Mini Mole

Mini Mole 200W

The mini mole is a 200W Fresnel light that has a unique styling.

Typically used as small a accent light.

650W Tweenie

Tweenie 650W

The 650W Tweenie is a common fresnel with a small form factor.

1000W 407

Mole 407 1000W

The Mole 407 is an older style 1000W fresnel with a 6″ lens.

It is made of sheet metal and sports the Mole Richardson Maroon color.

1000W Baby

Mole Baby 1000W

The Mole Baby Fresnel is the current 1000W light.

It has the same 6″ lens as the 407  but is made of aluminum instead of sheet metal.

2000W Baby Junior

Mole Baby Jr 2000W

The 2000W Baby Junior Fresnel has a 6″ len and provides a field of lighting from 27 to 55 degree.

2000W 8″ Junior

Mole 8" Jr 2000W

The 2000W Baby 8″ Fresnel is slightly bigger than then 6″ version and provides a field between 15 and 65 degrees.