We have a few Cameras for rent, but we are not a Camera rental house.

Technology evolves so quickly that our internal needs drive our camera acquisition process much more than what the latest camera is.

For large projects, our work horse camera is a fully kitted Red Scarlet MX, which provides versatility and can act as the main camera on small productions or a B-Cam on larger sets.

For Commercial or Reality TV shoots, we have a Sony FS5 with a VCT-Style baseplate with Shoulder Pad. Perfect for on-the-run shooting.

For smaller projects and commercials, we have a Sony A7Sii 4K DSLR which has found a solid niche in the music video and low light market.

We also have a Canon 7D and GoPro for more specialized needs.

Red Scarlet MX

The red Scarlet is a 4K camera able to capture incredibly cinematic footage at a price point that doesn’t break the bank. The ability to record in Raw format also provides great latitude for coloring and green screen work.
Movies such as Drinking Buddies, Twenty Million People, The Expendables 3 and the TV series Pretty Little Liars were all shot using the Red Scarlet.

Of course, the Red also requires a good process workflow and will require a fairly fast editing computer.

To use the Red effectively, you should have a complete camera team and a dedicated DIT.

We offer two packages.  If you already have a Red Camera with your own Red Mags, the Basic package makes for an affordable B Cam package.  If you need media, the Full Kit provides everything you need.

Red Package ($200/day)

  • Red Scarlet Brain
  • RedTouch 5.0 LCD Screen
  • Redmote
  • DSMC AC Power Adapter
  • Gold Mount Battery Plate
  • 2 98Wh Gold Mount Battery
  • 15mm Bridgeplate with Rails
  • 12″ Dovetail plate
  • Red Station SSD Reader w/ Cable
  • 3 128G REDMag 1.8″ SSD
  • DSMC Side Handle
  • Pelican Case
FS-5 with cage

Sony FS-5

Our Sony FS5 is a ready to shoot package that includes a cage with VCT-Style Baseplate with Shoulder Pad and extension handle. Just pick it up and go.

The cage provides plenty of mounting points for accessories such as a Teradek wireless transmitter.

It comes with a Gold-Mount Battery plate to provide longer lasting run time and the ability to power various accessories.

This is a perfect package for Reality TV, Documentaries and Music Videos.

FS-5 Package ($150/day)

  • Sony FS-5
  • Tilta Cage
  • VCT Baseplate & Rods w/ Shoulder Pad
  • Extension Handle for FS5 Handgrip
  • Gold-Mount Battery Plate
  • 2 98Wh Gold-Mount Battery & Charger
  • Pelican Case

Sony A7Sii

This camera is great for a small production team looking for inexpensive yet capable cameras in a small and light package.

Ideal for Social Media and other online content.

GoPro Hero

The king of the live action Point-of-View shot is the GoPro Hero. These small cameras fit almost anywhere and can provide fantastic action shots.

This camera can shoot HD but will have limited latitude in post processing.