JML Rental is the rental arm of JML Productions LLC and provides Film, Video & Photo equipment rental as well as expendables sales. We are the largest locally-owned rental house specializing in film & video. The equipment we can provide include lighting, grip, electric distribution, camera accessories, production support and more.

In addition to renting equipment, we carry a full line of expendables including gels, gaff tape, blackwrap and much more.

Whether you are shooting a commercial, a documentary or a feature, having the right equipment can save you time and money. We have supplied primary run-of-show equipment for features ranging from $10,000 all the way to $2M+ and national Broadcast TV commercial projects.

We can be a one stop shop for your camera support, grip and electric needs. Our lift gate equipped 5-ton truck can support features and our Sprinter Van is ideal on smaller projects.

Working with SCAD students, we know how much effort goes into each projects.  As a result, we offer special week-end rental rates for current SCAD students as well as discounts on expendables.

Working with productions
We understand that working on set is not a 9 to 5 job.  If you need CTB gels at noon on Sunday or want a Dana dolly at 7pm on Friday, we can open up the shop for a nominal fee. We can even deliver on location.

Take a look around and don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

Ready to rent? Send us an email or give us a call.

More than just rentals
Looking for equipment and staff for a Commercial project or your low budget independent film, we can provide turnkey solutions to meet your needs. JML Productions LLC is our production arm and can provide the services you need.

Need crew members for you Camera, Grip or Electric department? We can offer the services of dependable and professional crew members.  We even offer a break on rental rates if you hire our resident professionals.

Local Savannah Crew

If you are an experienced Savannah-based crew member,  we’d love to hear from you.  Visiting commercial productions often ask us for crew recommendations and we’d like to expand the list we offer them.

Simply send your resume to with your main craft in the subject line. We’ll add you to the list we send out when asked about crew members.

Any rentals & expendables from JML Productions are eligible for the Savannah Entertainment Production Incentives.

This is an additional 10% rebate on top of Georgia’s 30% incentive.

As a Chatham County based business, every dollar spent with us counts towards the incentives.


Aputure LS1200d

Aputure LS 1200d
The sun on a (power) budget!
Aputure 1200d available today!

Vortex 4

Vortex 4
New Vortex 4!
Weather resistant all in one 1×1 RGBW light that packs a punch!

Aputure 600x

Aputure 600x
Aputure 600x Bicolor COB!
Full complement of Accessories (Fresnel, Lantern, etc…)

Astera Titans

Astera Titan Pixel Tubes are now available!
Use with an ART7 and wirelessly do colorful displays.

Astera NYX Bulbs

NYX Bulbs can be used instead of practicals.
Plug in a standard light socket or power via any USB source.

Aputure MC4 RGB Kit

Apurture MC4 Travel Kit.
Small Battery Powered Lights wirelessly controlled.

Flowcine Black Arm

We now have a Flowcine Black Arm with Tranquilizer Mount!
Ideal for mounting your Gimbal to any moving vehicle or platform.

1101 Chatham Pkwy, STE E4, Savannah, GA 31408