Rental Forms & Policies

If you rent our equipment, you need to fill out some forms – but we make it easy!

Fill out a client info form bellow.

Once you place your order, we send you an email with an approval link for your signature and a convenient payment button.

Sample Insurance Certificate

We require a certificate of insurance (COI) for the rented equipment.  This sample certificate shows the coverage we require.

You will need Inland Marine Insurance (for Misc. Rented Equipment) up to the replacement value of the equipment you are renting.

If you don’t already have coverage, we suggest looking at They provide competitive rates for short term coverage.



Burned Out Globe due to mishandling

Example of Mishandled Globe

(Most likely oil from finger)

If a globe burns out due to reaching the end of it’s life, we won’t consider it L&D and will not charge a replacement. To avoid being charged for a replacement, you MUST:

  • Inform us of the burn-out
  • Return the globe!

If you don’t let us know and just “swap the spare”, it means that someone else will get a burned-out globe as a spare and that will cause aggravation to everyone involved. If you don’t return the globe, then we can’t add it to our collection and will be sad…

You WILL be charged for replacements for the following causes:

  • Mishandling of Globe
  • Mechanical Breaks
  • Missing Globes

If the globe has a bulge, it is an indication that a deposit of some kind (oil, dirt, etc..) was on the globe and due to the heat and different temperature conductivity, stressed the section of glass and caused those distinctive bulges. It does not mean that YOU touched the globe, BUT as a responsible operator, you should ALWAYS wipe a new globe with a 99% alcohol wipe.  Even if it comes out of a new box.  Why chance a $300 (or more) bill…


Commercial, Feature, Independent Shorts

You must provide the following insurance:

  • General Liability
  • Hired & Non-Owned Auto (when renting one of our vehicle)
  • Inland Marine/Equipment Damage (enough limit to cover the equipment value)

Taylor & Taylor can provide short term production insurance that meet the above requirements.

In Georgia, short-term/per project insurance runs about $450. Contact Patti Priser ( or Neil Huff ( directly.

SCAD Students

You MUST have one of the following option in place:

  • Have a real COI in place with hired auto endorsement, naming JML productions as insured.
  • Pay $150 per week-end for us to provide a driver for the vehicle. ONLY our driver is allowed to operate the vehicle. Violation of this rule will result in immediate termination of the rental and repossession of all equipment.