We offer the standard assortment of lights as well as some specialty items.

Technology marches on, and Lighting equipment is not immune. Back in the day, Tungsten Lights ruled but were hot and power hungry.  Then HMI lights came on the scene – more light output and daylight balanced – what’s not to like?

These days, LED is the hot new technology.  Fantastic from a power consumption and flexibility, LED Lights still don’t have the punch of the bigger lights.  But the ability to adjust color temperature, and with RGB lights, have effects and color accents is a game changer when it comes to small crews and setup time.  Throw in wireless DMX with Luminair and you can change your scene lighting from the comfort of a chair.

Regardless of your needs, we can provide a lighting solution.


LED Lights covers a broad range of lighting solutions. In our case, we focus of larger softer light sources and some specialty lights.

Soft Sources LED Lights

COB Lights

Specialty LED Lights


We have most of the HMI lights you would expect available and some you wouldn’t.  A 12K HMI locally in Savannah? Yes indeed.

  • 12K Silver Bullet
  • ARRI M90 PAR
  • ARRI M40 PAR
  • ARRI M18 PAR
  • 1200W ARRISUN 12 PAR
  • JOKER 800
  • JOKER 400

KinoFlo Fixtures

Tungsten Lights

Fluorescent lights are still in common use. Low cost, Portability and energy efficiency are their hallmark.

  • KinoFlo – 4 Lights x 4 Feet
  • KinoFlo – 2 Lights x 4 Feet
  • KinoFlo – 4 Lights x 2 Feet

Fluorescent Tubes are available in 2900K, 3200K and 5600K.


  • 2K Studio
  • 1K
  • 650W
  • 300W
  • 150W


  • 10K Mole Tener
  • 5K Baby Senior
  • 2K Mole Junior (10″)
  • 2K Mole Baby Jr (8″)
  • 1K Mole 407
  • 650W Mole Tweenie
  • 200W Mini Mole

Open Face

  • 5K SkyPan
  • 2K Mighty-Mole
  • 2K Nook Lite
  • 1K Mickey Mole
  • 1K Nook Lite
  • 1K x 2 Cyclorama Lights
  • 650W Teenie
  • 750W  Tota Light
  • 500W Omni


  • 1K PARCan
  • 1K x 9 MolePAR
  • 650 x 9 MoleFAY


  • 2K Molelipso
  • 750W Leko (19 – 50)


  • 750W