CoreSWX Batteries

COREswx is a US manufacturer of V-Mount and Gold Mount Batteries, Chargers and accessories.  At CineGear Atlanta, we had the opportunity to get hands on with their new products and we were blown away.  So much so that JML Rental has decided to have COREswx  products for sale locally.


Both V-Mount and Gold Mount Batteries offer the same core features:

  • Rated for 2000 cycles & 2 year Warranty
  • 12A continuous & 16A  peak loads on most models
  • Most Charger Compatible – Keep your existing charger infrastructure!
  • LCD with Detailed information
  • P-Tap & USB Ports on battery

NEO-9 Mini

The new NEO-9 98Wh battery is compact, robust and lightweight. It sustains up to 16A peak loads and 12A continuous and has all the features of the Hypercore line.

The battery includes RFID so you can read the state of your battery remotely. It also supports SMBUS to provide battery status to your camera.

At a MSRP of $249, it is not worth going through the hassle of re-celling your old batteries!


The new Helix line of batteries provides dual voltage output: Both 14 & 28 volt!

On a standard battery plate, it can be used as any other 14v battery, but with a Core high voltage mount plate, the battery supplies 28v to the camera, yet can still provide 14v to accessories!

High Voltage plates are available for the ARRI Alexa, ARRI Alexa Mini, ARRI LF, Sony Venice and the ARRI Skypanel. Plates can be V-Mount or Gold Mount.

There are 98Wh, 150Wh, 190Wh and 293Wh models.

Hypercore XL

The Hypercore XL is a 293Wh battery that can provide 15A continuous and 20A peak draw.

It is designed for powering larger sensor cameras and high output lighting.

Hypercore 150

The Hypercore 150 is a 150Wh battery that can provide 12A continuous and 16A peak draw.

It provides a typical 6 hour runtime with a 25W load.