Generators and movie making go hand-in-hand.  One on-set truism is that you will never have enough power.

We can provide small putt-putt generators ranging from 2000W to 7000W.  All our small generators are industry standard Honda EU models. We even have some generators that have been modified with a Bates 60A connector for ease of use on set.

We also have access to tow-plant generators of 500A or more capacity.

We own a number of small generators with capacity ranging from 2000W to 6500W. These types of generators are often called putt-putt.

All our generators are Honda EU series. Those are standard equipment on film sets. These are (relatively) expensive generators compared to your standard construction generators.

The Honda EU generators are ALL inverter generators, which is essential for most electronically controlled lights. Trying to run an HMI on a cheap generator is nigh impossible as the head might not even fire.

Inverter generated power is much cleaner and should provide trouble free operations of the lights.

There are 3 basic tiers of generators:  2000W, 3000W and 6500W.


The EU2000, EU2000 Companion and EU2200 are all rated around 2000W.

The EU2200 is the newer model and offers a bit more capacity than the EU2000.  The main reason to choose the EU2000 is for its ability to run a ARRI M18.  It has just enough margin to make it work.  The EU2000 is simply not powerful enough.

These are often called suitcase generators, as they have a handle and can be carried around.


The EU3000 provides about 3000W of power (duh!) so you can power bigger  lights or more of them than with the 2K generators.  However, this comes at the price of portability.  The EU3000 is about 115 lbs (vs. 35lbs for the 2K). It will also NOT fit in a sedan.  You need at least a SUV.


The EU6500 and EU7000 generators are the largest generators in the Honda line.

The EU6500 is the older model and has a carburetor. the EU7000 is the replacement model and is fuel injected. Don’t let the name fool you, the EU7000 can only provide 6500W, the same as the EU6500.

These generators are used to power many lights or one bug light.  A single generator can power a 4K HMI (at 220V) or a 5K Tungsten light.

These are of course, the biggest and heaviest generators at around 150lbs.