Digital Sputnik Voyager

Voyager Under Water

The Voyager is a remote-controllable lighting fixture that features a full spectrum of RGBW LED diodes that can be controlled individually. It comes with built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, gyroscope and is controllable via mobile phone or other smart devices. The Voyager is submersible up to 10m/33ft of depth allowing for stunning underwater shots.


The Voyager platform allows for connecting up to 100 individual lighting fixtures in a single universe opening up endless possibilities for video-mapping or large compositions.

With the Voyager, it is possible to use your favorite diffusion filter by LEE or Rosco. There are two slots to install the filter. The first layer is inside the diffuser tube. The second layer is right over the LEDs, and the cutout strip mounts right into the groove around the LEDs.


Beam Angle: 130deg

Dimensions of the module:  49” x 2” x3”  4.8lbs

Resolution: 83 pixels

Power: 40w

Rental Includes

  • Digital Sputnik Voyager 4′
  • 4′ Filter Tube
  • Voyager Charger
  • Voyager Mounting Clamp