Camlok Quick Reference

Big generators put out a lot of power.  In order to move that power, you need big cables and big connectors.

This is what Camlok (or camlock) is used for. Camlok refers to the connector itself. The cable is either 4/0 (4 ought) or 2/0 (2 ought).

Camlok Connector

camlok connector

Camlok (or Series 16) Connectors are used to connect to large Generators. They can carry up to 400A of power.

Manufacturers include Marinco & Cooper Industries.

Here is a video of installing a camlok connector on cable. Take notice of the size of the connector!

4/0 Cable

4/0 Cable with Camlok

4/0 Cable is the biggest cable you will find on set. Because of their weight (~ 40 lbs for a 50′ length), they are typically single cables.  4/0 Cables can carry around 200A.

Manufacturers include Lex, CEP & Mole-Richardson

2/0 Banded Cable

Banded Cable

Camlok 2/0 Banded cable consists of 5 individual 2/0 cables that are banded together (hence the name banded) so they are easier to manage. It has a lower ampacity of ~175A than 4/0, but is much easier to manage.

Banded cable typically comes in 25′ length, but there are also 50′ lengths available.

Much like 4/0, the manufacturers include Lex, CEP & Mole Richardson.

It is common for the Ground cable (green) to be the reverse polarity of the other cables. This is intended as a mechanism to avoid plugging a live wire in the ground connector, which could electrify the frame of the equipment and electrocute someone.



A Snakebite converts between Male camlok cables and a Bates 100A Female Connector.

This is often used to power large lights that have 100A connectors.

Reverse Snakebite

Reverse Snakebite (220V)

A Reverse Snakebite converts between Female camlok cables and a Bates 100A Male Connector.

Some lights that draw less than 100A of power might have camlok connectors instead of the usual bates style. If the power distribution brings a bates connector to the light, we can use a reverse snakebite to adapt the connectors.

Suicide Connectors

Suicide Connectors

Suicide Connectors (also called gender benders or gender converters) allow you to convert a Male Camlok to a Female Camlok or vise versa.

This should really be used on the ground connector only. Some distribution boxes have reverse ground, some don’t.  This is a way to adapt the cable you have.

Tapping Tee

Tapping Tee

A tapping tee (MFF) is used to split a cable (i.e. provide 2 connection to a single feeder).

Parallel Tee

A parallel tee has 2 Male and 1 Female Connector.

Ground Squid

A Ground Squid is a way to provide multiple ground attachments to a single source.



A Threefer is a way to increase the number of lines you can run from a single connection.

Pictured is a soft threefer.  There are also hard threefers which don’t have the flexible cable.