Bates Quick Reference

Bates Cables and Connectors (also called Stage Pin) are used to carry intermediate power loads.  Connectors are sized for 100A, 60A and 20A.  There are connectors for 120V and 220V (yellow).

Bates cables are usually fed from Distro Boxes or sometimes directly from portable generators.

The film industry typically uses 60A & 100A.  20A are usually found in theatrical grids.

The connectors and pin spacing are different between connector size.

A major manufacturer of bates gear is Lex. Their product catalog gives a nice overview of a typical distribution network.

100A Bates Cables

100A Bates Cable

100A Bates cables comes in lengths of 25′, 50′ and 100′ and is usually made up of 3 individual cables banded together.  The power & neutral are usually #4 gauge and the ground is #6.

60A Bates Cables

60A Bates Cable

60A Bates Cables is typically 25′ or 50′, sometimes up to 100′.  It is made up of #6 cable.

100A to 100A Splitter

We use 100A Splitter to split a supply line and provide 2 100A feeders.

100A to 60A Splitter

100A to 60A Bates Splitter

Used to split a 100A into two 60A feeder that either feed a light or ends up at a distribution box.

60A to 60A Splitter

Splits a 60A line to two feeder.  Usually when many smaller lighting units are used.

60A Edison Squid

60A Bates to Edisson Squid

These Bates to Edison squids are  a quick way to provide 3 20A Edison connectors from a Bates connector. It is preferable to use a box instead as they tend to be fused.