Add-a-Tap are used to create temporary power runs for small on-set fixtures and accessories.  You simply clamp them on a SPT-1 power cable (zip cord) where needed.  They have small spikes that go through the cable insulation and make contact with the metal conductor.  They come in Black, Brown and White.

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Add-a-Tap Male

Add-a-Tap – Female (inline)

Add-A-Tap - Male

Put at the beginning of a run of of zip cord, it connects to the power outlet.

Add-A-Tap Inline Female

Use the inline female to provide a power connection to your fixture.

It simply opens and you can clamp it on the zip cord without any tools. Quick and Simple!

Add-a-Tap – Female (end line)

Add-a-Tap – Socket (Keyless Lamp Holder)

Add-A-Tap Female End Line

You can use one of the female end line connector to terminate your power run.

This avoids a dangling wire with live power.

Keyless Lamp Holder

Not technically an Add-a-Tap, the Keyless Lamp Holder serves a similar purpose.

It allows you to add temporary light sockets to a run of zip line to create a cafe light effect or put temporary practicals in an outdoor setting.

Notice the hook on top which is used to support the light on a giude wire.  Never rely on the zip line to support the weight of the globe!