At JML Rental, we pride ourselves on making it easy to rent gear and providing unmatched flexibility. When requesting a quote, it is helpful if all the information we need is available immediately.

The following information makes turning a rental quote around much faster:

  • Date you will pick-up the equipment (and an approximate time if you know)
  • Date you will be using the equipment
  • Date you will return the equipment.
  • Name of the entity that will rent the equipment
  • List of the equipment you want to rent.

With this information, we can generate an accurate quote quickly.

Generally, you can pick-up your equipment in the afternoon of the day prior to using without any cost. Similarly, you can return before noon on the day after you finish.

If you need to rent in a hurry, having this information upfront will speed up the process.  Remember that most rentals will require a Certificate of Insurance (COI) and this might take some time for your insurance agent to generate.  You can see a sample COI at this link.